DI ORO Seasonal Shoot

This was a seasonal styled shoot for Di Oro's line of Spatulas. We were overhead with the Canon 5d mk II and a 35mm f1.4. From camera left we had 2 monolight soft boxes pushing through a full stop grid of 3x4 diffusion. Camera right we had 1 mono light with a reflector and 20 degree grid bouncing of a foam board.


DI ORO_Christmas_Seamless Series RED_110417_03.jpg
DI ORO_Thanksgiving_Seamless Series BLK_110417_01.jpg
DI ORO_Christmas_Chef Series_110417_02.jpg

Union Roasters Shoot

We shot on location at Union Roasters. For this we used a 3 light set-up. Shot on Canon 5D MK II and 70-200mm II f/2.8. Camera left key had a 4x8 diffusion, right back we had a 4ft strip box and left behind we had bare bulb with a snoot directed for glow and rim light. The cold brew is a 3 image composite.